Ordo [or-doh] (Latin "order, rank, class")

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Ordo Digital offers AI-powered content production, generative AI training, AI-driven media archive strategies, FAST channel strategy and distribution, and expertise in content distribution, streaming, live video, podcast revenue, online video platforms, and business future-proofing. By harnessing machine learning, large language models, natural language generation, and custom GPT applications, Ordo Digital enables clients to supercharge content creation, streamline operations, and unlock new revenue streams.

Combine live, VOD, and hyper-local AI-video-gen, into revenue generating FAST channels with optimized ad fill rates and maximum distribution.

Learn how to use custom grounded LLMs, GPT apps, and AI templates to keep your data safe and make content teams more productive.

Use AI to turn your legacy archives into a content licensing revenue generator, production platform, and business intelligence tool.

We can guide you though the complicated FAST channel setup process from evaluating graphic overlay vendors to negotiating CDN rates.

Fortify against AI data scraping and securely license your content to AI developers. We can make your data easier to buy than steal.


The demand for high-quality training data is driving AI companies to scrape data from publisher's websites... for free. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized strategies that fortify your defenses against AI scraping, safeguard your intellectual property, and and help your company monetize your data with AI developers.


Our comprehensive AI Data Scraping Defense Strategy includes:

  • Robots.txt Optimization: We will create and guide you through the installation of a robust robots.txt file to block AI scraping bots from accessing your content.

  • Terms of Service Update: We will help you revise your Terms of Service to explicitly prohibit AI data scraping without authorization and include clear consequences, providing a strong legal basis for enforcement.

  • Data Monetization Strategy: We'll help you explore opportunities to license your content to reputable AI companies and partner with data marketplaces to securely monetize your data assets on your own terms.


With our strategic collaboration, we can proactively engage with AI companies to establish mutually beneficial licensing agreements and shape best practices for responsible AI development.

Generative AI Content Production Training & Technical Consulting Services 

Do you oversee a team of content creators? Want to dramatically increase their output? Learn how grounded LLMs can protect your data while providing access to secure AI tools.  We can also provide AI training sessions for content creators, create custom GPT apps, and build AI production templates for your teams.

Use AI to save time, safely increase content production capabilities, and generate additional revenue.

About Us

Ordo Digital is a trailblazing strategic consulting firm that empowers clients to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, Ordo Digital helps businesses across various industries unlock their full potential and thrive in the age of artificial intelligence and digital transformation.


Jon Accarrino


Jon Accarrino, a seasoned sales and marketing professional, leverages technology to drive revenue and audience growth. With a track record including pioneering podcasting and social media at NBC News, winning a Shorty award for HBO's True Blood campaign, and leading innovative digital strategies at KSL and WRAL, he now works with clients around the world on revenue transformation projects.

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